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Welcome to The Production of "Scales" A TV Series


"SCALES" A TV Series

The TV series, adapted from both authors’ personal narratives, will appeal to Sony’s Christian Division, Affirm Films, a faith-based label, launched in 2007, whose President  recently appeared on The Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN), and told his viewers that Sony hired him to develop the Christian film market, while Sony understands that the Christian market is huge.  We also reserve Netflix for further discussion.


Once you commit to the film project, we will send you a 3-Act Format describing the story plot, subplots, and all its twists and turns.  You also can read the first 300 pages of the book series at this website.  Click the link.

This TV show will be similar to the hugely popular Netflix series, Shameless, but with a unique twist:  In between all the debauchery seen in Scales, there is a strong Biblical message that runs throughout the series.  In the successful TV series, Sex in the City, we heard Carrie’s thoughts, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, while she wrote on her laptop; and, in our TV series, we hear our protagonist’s considerations regarding God’s Word, debates of right and wrong, and prayers.  In other words, the protagonist has a conscience, and wrangles with her identity as a “sinner” versus “a child of God,” and debates whether there is a God or not—and if there is a God, then who is she as a child of God?  The character gets an opportunity to hear and/or read God’s Word via other characters, TV, radio, or the Holy Bible.  The lead character believes in God, then doubts there is a God when her life turns upside down, loses her faith, and gets angry with God.  Other characters are juxtaposed against this struggling believer, who remain in the flesh and commit “sins” that run the gambit of the human condition stemming out of low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, and fear.  

The storyline is adult.  This is NOT a made for Hallmark TV series—put the youngins to bed! The genre is both commercial and literary; and the story is witty, intelligent, and researched-based.  Today's deceptions will be part of the show's dialogue, undoing subtle indoctrinations that pervert God's Word. The global elite believe this: "It doesn't matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true," cited by Paul Watson, Co-founder of Greenpeace.  As producers of this Christian TV series, we disagree.  Christians have a huge job to undo the lies and wake up the sheep.

This story hits that sweet spot between literary and mainstream, is written in a Southern voice, with a well-developed protagonist.  

This family saga, written as a personal narrative, is a story about actual experiences centering around a grueling custody fight that drags on for years inside the Houston, Texas, Family Law Court.  The theme is inspirational.  The author’s intent, when writing this series, was to offer her readers an opportunity to experience their own transformation, after being inspired by the protagonist who finds her faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  

The story is Christian-based, with a psychological suspense hinged on the merit of faith. In other words, everything, and everybody, works against the protagonist, leaving her with only her faith and a prayer. This series possesses a high concept, with a fresh, unique Southern voice, with something new to say regarding divorce, custody fights, its detriment on family, and how God fits into this ugly world of lies and deceptions.  

The series is an expose on the corrupt Houston, Texas, Family Law Court, and will make great fodder for a TV talk show interview.  The story possesses memorable characters, and a great plot with many entertaining subplots that lead the viewer to know Jesus Christ. 

The rawness and honesty of our adult Christian TV series combines the works of both authors, Jean Pauley and Shaneill Davis, who have collaborated to integrated their stories into a hit TV series.

Stepping into God’s Glory, by Shaneill Davis, is the testimony of an arrogant young lady’s journey through life as a lesbian.  Shaneill faces her family disowning her and being homeless, causing her to be on her own at the age of seventeen.  Determined to prove to her and others that she could make it on her own, Shaneill vows to do anything necessary to achieve her goals.  However, her love for women, which is her greatest weakness, leads her into industries and a lifestyle that she said she would never do.  Having gone through multiple partners, escorts, strippers, and being somewhat of an alcoholic, life began to chip away at her pride.  Now, being humbled and realizing how much her life has spiraled out of control, Shaneill switches lanes.  She embarks to change her lifestyle of recklessness, take a break from chasing women, and began searching, but doesn’t know what she’s searching for.  While trying to fill this void she can’t get rid of, she joins a lesbian fraternity that also does nothing for her.  Growing frustrated, yet ambitious by the day, Shaneill refused to give up.  Unexpectedly, entering a small storefront church, she encounters the power of God, truly changing her lifeforever.


We will make the first 2 hours of this hit TV series, and these first 2 shows of Season 1 will be made with only donations.  With your financial pledge today, and your promise to fulfill your pledge, after we raise the first $50,000 in pledges required for the filming of the first 2 shows, we will be able to start filming! Once we raise the first $50,000 in pledged donations, then we will take our fundraising to a crowdfunding site with the beginning balance of donations showing $50,000.  When you make a financial pledge no later than May 1, 2018, and fulfill your promise no later than May 1, 2018, then you will be FIRST TIER and receive 100% of profit points in return for your donation. Second tier will only receive 60% of profit points and ascertain less advantageous terms.